Julia and Johannes Landgraf

J2 stands for the power of double passion and the interplay of mutual inspiration. We are fortunate enough to share a philosophy of living and working: our conscious commitment to quality. We bear the responsibility for our work in a joint partnership and decide jointly what is good for us and our wines.

Julia: studied in Geisenheim. After qualifying as a chartered engineer in 2003 she took over the management of her parents' winery. In 2005 she married Johannes. Since 2006 she has been managing the winery jointly with him.

Johannes: after training as an oenologist he started working at his parents' winery in Saulheim in 1995. There, he was first and foremost responsible for the wines. He has been married to Julia since 2005 with whom, since 2006, he has been co-managing the winery originally owned by her parents.