We love wines that are the product of team spirit, because then each bottle is the result of fun and heartfelt commitment. Each of us brings his or her own special gifts to bear – in the joint effort to produce the exceptional. 


Das gesamte Team des Weingutes Becker Landgraf (Nathalie Zimmermann Fotografie)

The team

Who does what? Each of us has a field in which we feel most at home: Eva is master of the vines, Angelika is our cellarmaster, and Nicole is the master of all things administrative. And if things get tight, then of course we all help one another out.

Die Winzerin Julia Landgraf (Nathalie Zimmermann Fotografie)

The winemaker

Julia is the calm and collected heart of the winery. She always knows what’s going on in the vineyards, with the wines and the staff. Added to which, she knows exactly what she wants and pursues it with great resolve. When, for the others, the glass is only half full – she simply tops it up.


Der Winzer Johannes Landgraf (Nathalie Zimmermann Fotografie)

The other winemaker

Johannes is a winemaker through and through. He senses exactly what his wines want of him and need. And always has a clear idea of what has to be done: up in the vineyards, in the cellars, and in the winery. He keeps things moving forward and remains faithful to himself.