Our wines resemble members of the family. We nurture them and guide them to ensure they grow up full of body and character. We do not use any treatment agents, we ferment the wines using wild yeast, and we happily leave the tank bottoms in with them for a longer period. Taking the right decisions requires not only knowledge but also experience and a good deal of gut feeling. The result? Tranquil wines with mineral notes that you can trust blind.


Single-vineyard wines with a strong character: Make that special moment all the more perfect.

Get to know one of our top wines from the ultimate in  vineyards – they’re classified as Große Gewächse: On the Herrgottspfad and Rosenberg we grow Rieslings and Pinot Noirs. With great devotion and love, the best of the fully ripe grapes are chosen for pressing. And we can be proud of the result: elegant wines from these fine locations – deep, with character and great potential to mature.

Wine expertises to
Riesling Herrgottspfad
Chardonnay Private Reserve
Spätburgunder Rosenberg
Spätburgunder Herrgottspfad

Elegant limestone edition: Serve up something as surprising as it is elegant.

Pinot Noir at its best: This wine will bring joy to more than just fans of Pinot Noir. Only the very best grapes from our estate wine vineyards with the highest limestone content in the soil are chosen and then pressed. The result is a quite unique note: Salt and elegance unite in our Limestone Edition. Incidentally, only the best barrels are left longer to mature.

Wine expertises to
Weißburgunder Muschelkalk
Sankt Laurent Muschelkalk
Spätburgunder Muschelkalk

Complex villages: Convince even the most refined wine connoisseurs.

You like wines with a taste that tells you where they come from? These villages are unadulterated evidence of their origins. The grapes for our elegant villages grow round the Petersberg in Gau-Odernheim. The secret of these wines? They have been carefully picked by hand, the result of several sessions harvesting, and are left as pure as they are. We even nurture our white wines in wooden barrels: complex wines, dense tastes, strongly defined by the soil in which they grew.

Wine expertises to
Gau-Odernheimer Riesling
Gau-Odernheimer Weißburgunder
Gau-Odernheimer Chardonnay
Gau-Odernheimer Spätburgunder
Gau-Odernheimer St. Laurent


Fresh estate wines: You can’t go wrong.

Now this is wine that’s fun: fresh and fruity, with an unmistakable character and a full body. With this wine in your cellar, you’re well equipped for any occasion. Our estate wines are great companions – serve with a meal or at any other time for maximum enjoyment.

Wine expertises to
Riesling trocken
Weißburgunder & Chardonnay trocken
Grauburgunder trocken
Spätburgunder Rosé trocken
Spätburgunder & Sankt Laurent trocken

Deliciously sparkling wine - with it you make every moment something special.

Our sparkling wine is made according to the classic method with four years of bottle aging on the lees. A strong structure with fine salty minerality and fine perlage. For the base wine, we make a first early preselection in the vineyard. We only use healthy grapes with good acidity.

Expertise to
Blanc et Noir brut nature